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Some of the major personalities in the industry are icons and idols. These are the versatile personalities who are looked up, adored and admired. People who inspire others to push themselves to the limits, to perform better than they would normally. Here, the issue has been stretched to Mr. A. Abbas, the debut launcher and the foundation stone of this business, who wondered with the positive and took the right and a confirmed decision of starting this business which apparently came into picture in 1976 while he was running through the phase of, 55, his age. That's so how, Aifso stood on its footsteps and came into existence.

Further, it is found very necessary and compulsory to mention the ultimate and truthful fact that, prior to the launch of Aifso, the primary step which Mr. Abbas took, was the decision to render his service for Indo-Burr petroleum which constituted its duration from 1962 - 75. Mr. Abbas revolves with some of the stream waves of discipline which deliberately flows with a kind of principles, like a firm believer in hard work and determined planning, which further constitutes patience and humility as the main strengths of Mr. A. Abbas. Getting on to the fast forward track, now the light has been enormously focused on the heart life values which merely takes its position with simplicity, discipline, compassion, ethics and integrity.

Neither get bothered nor give any stress to your mind, if a single wonder is given to the thought that Mr. A. Abbas had been the award winner by the director of industries, government of UP, for the perfect supply system with an excellent quality control.

But it is still early to exactly judge Mr. A. Abbas's next moves. He has proved himself many times and again to be shrewd, agile and in tune with the market. All are watching just, that what's his next step would be? Well, All said and done, now just say hello to Mr. A. Abbas -the helm of Aifso Enterprises.