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Business today is knowledge based. Information about the consumer awareness and preferences can translate into business opportunity. Market analysis gives a clear picture of market trends and respects of various forces on the market. Here, the light has been focused on Aifso Enterprises of which Mr. A. Abbas is the helm of the company. Further, a number of different reasons have been circulating for this sharp rise in the value of this persona. The major attractive prepositions of Mr. A. Abbas comprises of Simplicity, Discipline, Compassion and so on which firmly makes him more versatile as compared to others.

Mr.A.Abbas Khan, the former person to take-over the each and every pros and cons of Aifso which was launched in 1977, formed a main belief to render services to various industrial categories which are basically divided as follows:
Aifso Enterprises
Oven Man Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Aifso Education

Starting the steps of business with the local market which further decided to elaborate its turnover by entering into the market of export a years back and started to get on procuring the orders from world wide nations comprising of Bangladesh, Sharjha, Nairobi, Nepal and so went on covering the era of globe. The main and the foremost point which particularly strokes mind is the outstanding feature of export market stand.

Carrying the passion of fact with itself, is that the export market stand is the main highlight due to its excellent quality control, competitive prices and on time delivery. Consisting a team of unique qualified professionals, skilled workers all working as one which comparatively is a composition of all the above-said terms, known as Aifso.

Highlighting to its further part, the point which can be further focused by throwing a green light on their manufacturing department which covers a number of equipments comprising of Biscuit Baking Ovens, Bread Baking Ovens, Pan Masala / Supari Drying Oven, Barrel Baking Oven, Metal Decorating Oven and so on covering to many more. The entire process of their manufacturing procedure is carried in their sole factory, which is basically situated since a decade ago, at Faizabad. On the way, with a diversified profile and a large presence in the market, Aifso and company, is the only name that hits the sense when the thought of expertise manufacturers come in the mind. Lastly, Aifso is also traded as the only reliable manufacturers and exporters of Industrial Oven for different types of products.

Thus as and when established in the local market which further made its foot-steps in market of exports and established a well fame and reputation due to its quality consciousness, a passion for on time delivery and its reasonable price factor.

A unique name, Aifso consisting a team of well-enhanced professionals which surging ahead in every field, visualizing a better India and a brighter future. With such an enhanced ever green profile, Aifso and company has truly emerged as one of the most reliable manufacturers and exporters of Industrial Ovens.